Speech and Language Therapy 


Contact Natalie to discuss your needs and to obtain a bespoke quotation for the package of services required.  
Please note, speech and language therapy services are available free through the NHS in the UK. 

Initial Telephone Consultation 

20-minute no obligation telephone consultation with Natalie. 
Discussion of your needs and the speech and language services provided. 

First Assessment  £240 Plus travel time if applicable - £30 per hour pro rata (over 10 miles each way) 

Parent online questionnaire to gather background information 
Assessment at home and/or via video clips and video calls (1.5 to 2 hours) 
Telephone call with childminder/nursery staff/school staff (if applicable) 
Feedback telephone/video call with parents 
Written report (findings and recommendations) 
Travel (under 10 miles each way) 
Natalie you were so thorough, patient and helpful. You were very friendly and informative. We were so grateful for your time and input. Although we only had one session with you, you were very helpful in advising what strategies we could use to help our son. I found it particularly helpful observing the time you gave him to enable his responses and how you set out the activities with visual aids. The information you provided on dysfluent speech was also very useful. 
Parent of a 3 year 11 month old boy: First Assessment 

Therapy  £80 per session (1 hour) or  £95 per session (1.5 hours) £25 discount for five sessions paid for in advance Plus travel time if applicable - £30 per hour pro rata (over 10 miles each way) 

Session at home/nursery/school and/or via video calls 
Goal-setting record 
Resources if required 
Travel (under 10 miles each way) 
Please note, to get the most out of therapy, you and your child will need to spend five minutes daily quiet time together between sessions, focusing on your skills during play. 

Comprehensive Assessment For example, to support EHC Needs Assessment or Annual Review  £80 per hour pro rata for assessment £240 for written report Plus travel time if applicable - £30 per hour pro rata (over 10 miles each way) 

Assessment at home/nursery/school and/or via video clips and video calls (typically 2 to 3 hours) 
Reading other professionals' reports 
Email/telephone call liaison with other professionals 
Written report with detailed recommendations for therapy provision 
Travel (under 10 miles each way) 

Further Assessments and Meetings  £80 per hour pro rata Plus travel time if applicable - £30 per hour pro rata (over 10 miles each way) 

In-person or online attendance at meetings (e.g. Team Around the Family/TAF, EHCP Annual Review, school transition, handover) 
Telephone/video call assessments 

Reports, Letters and Therapy Plans  £80 per hour pro rata (report fee capped at 3 hours) 

Written reports/letters (e.g. progress reports, referral letters) 
Written therapy plans (goals, strategies, activities, resources) 
Thank you so much for the report, we feel it is absolutely spot on and we are very grateful. It was a huge help at parents' evening where we got to chat through it all with our daughter's teacher, and she also agreed it was a true reflection of our daughter. 
Parents of a 5 year old girl: Comprehensive Assessment 

Liaison Calls and Emails  No charge under 15 minutes £60 per hour pro rata over 15 minutes 

Telephone/video calls (e.g. feedback discussion with parents after nursery/school visits, liaison with other professionals) 
Emails (e.g. summary of progress and next steps, updates for other professionals) 
Fees include time required for clinical note-writing, planning and preparation, analysing assessment results, measuring therapy outcomes, typing short emails and making short telephone calls. 
Payment for therapy sessions is required on the day of each appointment (or on the day of the first appointment if paying for a block of therapy sessions).  
Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment. 
There is a charge of £25 plus travel costs if Natalie arrives for an arranged visit and the child, family or practitioner is not present. 
Fees are subject to periodic review. 
Book a 20-minute no obligation telephone consultation with Natalie today. 
Call 07454 868455, email natalie@freemeservices.com or use the contact form below. 
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