Speech and Language Therapy 

  Young Children & Families   

Are you worried about your child's communication skills 
and the effect on their emotions and behaviour? 
Would you like to feel confident that you're doing everything you can to help? 
Natalie helps children with... 
Communicating and talking confidently 
Saying words and sentences 
Expressing their wants, needs, thoughts and feelings 
Having conversations 
what people say 
Talking clearly 
and fluently 
After five to ten therapy sessions… 
27 out of 32 parents (84%) 
reported an improvement in their child’s ability to communicate successfully. 
31 out of 32 parents (97%) 
reported feeling more confident in being able to help their child’s communication. 
25 out of 32 parents (78%) 
reported an improvement in their child’s emotional wellbeing (e.g. less frustrated). 
27 out of 32 parents (84%) 
reported an improvement in their own emotional wellbeing (e.g. less worried). 
From parents' responses on a rating scale before and after therapy. 

Three-Step Service   

Natalie offers a three-step service designed around the  
individual needs and priorities of your child and family. 

Step 1: 

Initial Telephone Consultation 
There is no obligation to proceed to Step 2. 

Step 2: 

Assessment and Advice 
There is no obligation to proceed to Step 3. 

Step 3: 


Step 1: Initial Telephone Consultation 

Natalie offers a complimentary, no obligation initial telephone consultation to discuss... 
your concerns. 
what you feel would be helpful. 
the services offered and whether she can help. 

Step 2: Assessment and Advice 

Natalie carries out an assessment of each child's unique communication 
strengths and needs that usually... 
takes place in your child’s home and sometimes also in another familiar setting (e.g. nursery, pre-school, school). 
involves play-based activities with you and your child. 
involves discussion with you and other professionals who work with your child. 
includes initial advice and a report with recommendations. 

Step 3: Therapy 

If therapy is required it... 
usually takes place in your child’s home. 
involves discussion with you and play-based activities with you and your child. 
involves you practising with your child during play and everyday activities. 
includes a therapy plan, goals and resources if required. 
involves advice by phone call or email between appointments if required. 
involves Natalie sharing information with other professionals who work with your child to ensure a consistent approach. 
Therapy Approaches 
Therapy approaches are tailored to each child's individual needs 
and may include... 
VERVE Child Interaction 
It Takes Two to Talk® -The Hanen Programme® 
Intensive Interaction® 
Low-tech AAC 
(Augmentative & Alternative Communication) 
Makaton® Signs 
Picture Exchange Communication System 
Colourful Semantics 
Lidcombe Programme 
Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme 
VERVE Child Interaction Therapy 
Low-Tech AAC 
(Augmentative & Alternative Communication) 
TEACCH® Autism Programme 
It Takes Two to Talk® -The Hanen Programme® 
Makaton® Signs 
Lidcombe Programme 
Intensive Interaction® 
Picture Exchange Communication System 
Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme 

Therapy Packages 

Therapy packages are tailored to each child's individual needs. Here are some examples: 

Advice and Follow-up 

One-off appointment or meeting plus follow-up phone call 4 to 6 weeks later 

Regular Monitoring 

Appointments or meetings every few months 

Intensive Monitoring 

Monthly appointments or meetings 

Regular Therapy 

Fortnightly appointments 

Intensive Therapy 

Block of weekly appointments plus follow-up appointment 4 to 6 weeks later 

What Parents Say 

"I was a little nervous choosing a speech and language therapist, but I spoke to Natalie on the phone and she put me at ease straight away. Our little boy (who was quite timid) took to Natalie straight away as she was calm and caring from the start. Her guidance throughout the therapy was fantastic and after a relatively short time our son has improved so much, from hardly saying anything to now being a bit of a chatterbox. His confidence has exploded and he is now beginning to tell me everything he sees, does and experiences. The video playback (seeing yourself and your child playing together) was particularly helpful as it really homes in on the techniques. I can't say it was easy, as it was a challenge some days trying to fit in the 5 minute one-to-one play sessions, but it was all worth it. To all parents thinking about it, all I can say is that it's not just the sessions with Natalie, it changes the way parents communicate too and fundamentally changes how we all communicate with each other as a family. I would highly recommend Natalie; she is fantastic and hopefully the results speak for themselves - they certainly did with us." 
Parent of a 2 year 9 month old boy: intensive therapy package 
"You were excellent in supporting our son with his speech and language difficulties, or I should say supporting us and other care givers to help understand his needs in a thought-through way. The changes we made increased his confidence in communicating with us and our confidence in understanding him. He is currently doing so well with his speech and I think the work we did with you acted as a foundation for this progression. You really considered him as an individual and didn't rush to come to conclusions on where he was, you took the time to get to know him, to really have a good picture of what was happening for him. This meant that we were all better placed to help him where necessary. A massive thank you for being very good at your job!" 
Parents of a 3 year 9 month old boy with a history of conductive hearing loss: intensive therapy package 
"Other than a few words, our son was unable to talk at the age of three when we met Natalie. He is now very communicative and ready to go to school in September! After each session we have seen improvement! The five minute practice sessions were very powerful and rewarding. Thank you! Our son has enjoyed the sessions and talks about you. If we need help in the future we will contact you and also recommend you to others." 
Parents of a 3 year 11 month old boy: intensive therapy package 
"Wow, Natalie has been a god-send for us as we were at a loss with our little one and we found it difficult to make the right decision for our daughter. Natalie totally understands our daughter’s needs, setting out a plan of action and helping us move in the right direction. We have learned so much as parents in order to assist our daughter’s progress, and she continues to make progress in leaps and bounds. Natalie is highly professional, highly skilled in her work, and friendly. We would 110% recommend Natalie, no doubts whatsoever! A big thank you Natalie from the bottom of our hearts, we cannot thank you enough! We all look forward to seeing you again!" 
Parents of a 3 year 9 month old girl: intensive therapy package 
"Natalie was incredibly helpful, very good with my son and gave very helpful tips and thorough follow up. She gave great advice on what I could do to help my son with his speech. He is speaking so much more now. He used to stick to safe topics but now he speaks about most things and constantly asks questions." 
Parent of a 3 year 7 month old boy: advice and follow-up package 
"Natalie carried out a very detailed assessment and thorough report for us. We are very grateful for her help with setting specific targets and showing us how to achieve them. Clear targets and strategies were set weekly. I really admire Natalie's patience and am very grateful for all the extra time she put in working with our family. We highly recommend Natalie and are looking forward to working with her again!" 
Parent of a 2 year 8 month old boy with a history of conductive hearing loss: intensive therapy package 
"I just wanted to send you this video to show how our son's speech has improved. It's been a year since we started speech therapy with you and what a difference a year makes! Thank you very much for all your help. We are very grateful for what you've done to improve his speech." 
Parent of a 3 year 7 month old boy (same boy as above) 
"Natalie was able to offer us help regarding our son's talking and understanding, offering a number of tools to help him, us and school make life easier for him. Natalie has also really helped us as a whole family to understand our son's anxiety about eating, which was really impacting on home life. She was able to 'get' our son when a lot of other professionals who we sought advice and guidance from couldn't give us any suggestions or help. I can honestly say that it's been life-changing! As a family we can't thank Natalie enough. It's hard as a parent when you feel like you don't have the answers or the solutions to make things better for your child. Natalie gave us the support, guidance and understanding that we needed to make things better for our son, and she certainly did that!" 
Parent of a 6 year old boy: regular monitoring package 
"I just wanted to thank you for the brilliant therapy session today, I learnt loads! I'm so happy we found you, I feel like we will be able to make real progress for our daughter with your expert help. Thank you again." 
Parent of a 3 year 10 month old girl: intensive therapy package 
"Natalie is great at assessing speech problems and also at providing and explaining exercises to improve. She is very professional and knowledgeable, always on time and reliable. Her explanations about the speech troubles and also her specific advice on how to improve, have been particularly helpful. Excellent professional services.” 
Parent of a 3 year 11 month old boy: regular monitoring package 
"We really appreciate the help you have given us and feel it's set a great foundation for our daughter to continue developing from. We're really pleased to have found you and will be in touch in the future if we feel some extra support would benefit her. Thank you so much for your help!" 
Parents of a 2 year 10 month old girl with cerebral palsy: intensive therapy package 
"Before the visits I was at a complete loss with how to help my daughter with her speech and language development. After the assessment I felt so much more positive and knew that going forward we would be trying PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). My daughter instantly took to you and was even laughing playing games when she first met you. Her confidence grew each week. We had five therapy sessions and the difference in my daughter at the end was massive. Her eye-contact has become very strong and is still growing, and she is becoming so much more vocal. She is coming out with different sounds all the time and some of them are starting to sound like words. Each visit was so positive and at the end you left us with new things to do that we both enjoyed. I always felt confident at the end of each session that I could implement the techniques. I could use them so easily throughout the day and I was confident to carry on training my daughter to use PECS. We were more than happy with the whole experience - you were friendly, approachable, kind and very helpful. I can’t thank you enough for making such a difference to my daughter’s development and my confidence in how to help. I believe that your visits have made a big difference to my daughter’s confidence with strangers too, as she is now confident and stays calm when people are in our home." 
Parent of a 2 year 11 month old girl with autism: intensive therapy package 
"Thank you for our lovely last session, words really cannot express what you have done for our family and how you have opened up my son’s world of communication and enabled him to live as much of a stress- and anxious-free life as possible. I cannot believe the change in both of us over the past year. This summer holidays has just been the best, and I desperately don’t want him to go back to school now as I’m loving spending every day with him, which is such a turn around compared to last year when we both struggled as he was unable to communicate and I didn’t understand what he wanted or what he was trying to get across, and he was very anxious and upset a lot of the time, so thank you again from the bottom of my heart, it’s been a real joy and pleasure welcoming you into our lives and working with you." 
Parent of a 4 year 4 month old boy with autism: intensive therapy package 
"Thank you for coming into our lives and making such and amazing and positive difference. You have opened up my son’s world of communication and understanding, and allowed him to have a voice, not only verbally but also through pictures. You have taught him how to navigate the world around him and given us the tools and advice to alleviate anxiety. You have opened up his world and imagination to toys and play, and accepting others around him and joining in with his play, providing him with the play skills to start school with. Words will never express enough how grateful we are to you." 
Parent of a 4 year 5 month old boy with autism (same boy as above) 
Contact Natalie today to arrange a complimentary 15-minute initial telephone consultation. 
Call 07454 868455, email natalie@freemeservices.com or use the contact form below. 


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